Security Assessments

A 360 degree view.  With today's need for interoperability, every system is uniquely entangled in a way that can impact your entire practice.  Let our team provide an assessment that encompasses every facet of your operations.

New Era of Innovation

Learn how other practitioners are incorporating artificial intelligence, machine leaning, biometric analytics, and cyber intelligence techniques to transform their security programs.

Evolving Threats

Staying ahead of rapid changes in vulnerabilities and threats can be a challenge.  Lean on our team of experts to stay current and develop changes in policy and procedure as needed.

Surveillance & Access Control

The foundation of every electronic security system is built on a quality surveillance and access control system.  We can provide end to end solutions, hardware, software and install, customized to fit your unique environment.


Your response to emergency management and mitigation is a direct reflection of your training practice.  We have specialists who regularly provide training on  active shooter, anti-bullying, human trafficking, workplace violence, sexual harassment, family security plans, cyber security practices and more.

Litigation Support Consulting

 Complex cases require expert advice, investigation, and assessment.  Should you be in a position where you need a trusted opinion or expert testimony concerning security practices, backed by an impeachable methodology, our team is ready to assist.